What to do when your flight was cancelled?

Hi Travel Buddies,

We are back from Hong Kong!  We were supposed to be back yesterday night but our flight was cancelled due to mechanical problem.

What did we do when our flight was cancelled?

1. We sought immediate advice from our airline customer service officer on the earliest flight back home.  She gave us a few options:
A) stay one night at the Airport Hotel and board their flight to Singapore 24 hours later
B) be on standby list to take other airlines on the same day to Taipei and transit to Singapore
C) stay one night at the Airport Hotel and they will put us on standby list on other airlines the next morning.  We asked for the earliest timing and she advised us that there will be a flight to Singapore by Singapore Airlines at 8.05am the next day.

We decided to go for Option C.  As we wanted to return Singapore as soon as possible, Option A is out for us.  Option B is also not ideal because we will not know whether there are seats for  us when we land at Taipei later.

The airline us an apology letter for the cancellation and offered us one night stay and one meal(dinner or breakfast) at the nearest Airport Hotel.  They also issued us two standby tickets for the next morning flight.

We took a photo of the flight cancellation notice as one of the evidence to claim for travel insurance for the flight cancellation.  This is especially important if you are unable to obtain any documentation proof from the airlines.

2. We updated our family members the situation.  Of course, if you are supposed to return office the next day, you have to inform your bosses.

3. Be at the airline counter early.  As there were many other passengers affected, we knew we are not the only ones on the waiting list.  We were very lucky that we got on the SQ flight at 8.05am today although our seats are not together.

4. Keep our boarding pass tickets.  This is also important proof required to claim under travel insurance.  As our orginal flight was supposed to be 8pm yesterday and we managed to catch the 8.05am flight today, we should be able to claim for at least SGD200  (SGD100 for every 6 hours delay) for each of us.

Although we did not pay much for the air tickets (as we used our mileage points to redeem the tickets) and also a good price for our hotel stay due to early booking (more than 3 months in advance), we were relieved that we bought our travel insurance.  So you see, it is very important to get your travel insurance no matter how cheap is your trip for a peace of mind.

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