What to do during a rainy day at Universal Studios?

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If you read our earlier post, you know we met heavy rain and thunderstorm in our visit to Universal Studios Singapore 2 weeks ago.

So what to do during a rainy day at Universal Studios?

We decided to try all the indoor-stuff and went to the 6) Far Far Away.  The Shrek 4D Adventure show is the main attraction here and the show was an enjoyable one for both adults and children.  We then went on to try the Enchanted Airways, a junior roller coaster ride when the rain almost stopped.  Not bad, the ride was short but thrill enough to perk you up in a rainy day!   Going back indoors to try the Magic Potion Spirit was a fun experience, where we got on a fantastical ferris wheel in Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shop.

We passed the 7) Madagascar as the show was cancelled due to the rain.  But you can still take photos with the cutey Madagascar Characters and shop in the Penguins Mercantile store.

There was a Monster Rock show at 2pm at Pantages Hollywood Theater, just in time for us to catch this rock-n-roll musical before the Waterworld show at 3pm.

So we were back at the Waterworld and this time we were allowed to enter into the show stage area.  We happily sat down and wait for the show to start.  10 minutes passed and to our dismay, an announcement broadcasted that the show was cancelled again due to thunderstorms and we are asked to come back at 5pm, the last scheduled show time of the day.

So what should we do now?  Shopping lor, Singaporeans’ favourite past time, haha.  We walked back to the Hollywood Boulevard and there are a number of retail outlets like Universal Studios Store, Star Characters, Silver Screen Collectibles and many more for you to browse and shop.  After that, we still have time to walk out to the nearby hotels like Festive Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and Hotel Michael.

15 minutes before 5pm, we headed back to Waterworld, our last chance to catch the show for the day.  We were told that the show will start as long as there was no thunderstorm.  Now you saw the picture and you know we made it finally!  Yippee!  It was certainly the highlight of the day, a sensational water show and we witnessed death-defying stunts and awesome explosions throughout the show. Wow!

The last ride of the day was the Canopy Flyer at The Lost World.  We missed this earlier on because the ride was suspended due to the rain.  We decided to give it a go but alas!  We queued for almost 40 minutes for a minute “Dino-proof” flying ride, supposedly to get a bird’s eye view of Jurassic Park but we guessed, the spin ended a bit too fast after the long wait! 😛

Just beside the Canopy Flyer, we saw the Dino-Soarin ride, parents and children should love this ride.

By the time we finished the ride, we were tired and hungry and desperately looked for another food and shelther place.  We decided to go for Goldilocks at Far Far Away.  The fried chicken coupled with the fried bun and mashed potato set was a perfect treat to end the day. 😀

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