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We have moved to Melbourne!


Hi Travel Buddies,

Yes, we have moved to Melbourne.  We were very ‘lucky” to arrive in the coldest week as reported in the last 17 years.  This was not helpful at all when we arrived with just an airbed and a blanket in the 1st week of August.

How is the weather in Melbourne?  You may have heard a lot saying about having 4 seasons in a day in Melbourne.  Just make sure you check out the weather forecast for the day and the week before you plan for any activities ahead.  We find that early morning is usually colder than the day and the night.

Having been here for a month, we are happy that we have survived through the harsh winter and spring has officially arrived yesterday!

Spring in Melbourne

Spring in Melbourne

We hope we can share more on our travels in Victoria in future.  Stay tune. 🙂


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