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Since we only have a day to spend in Macau, we know is impossible to see everything in what Macau has to offer.  Below is our “to see” or “to do” list in a day in Macau, starting from the Historic Centre of Macau.

Historic Centre of Macau is an urban area comprises of 8 squares and 22 historic buildings.  It is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2005.  The uniqueness of this site lies in having many temples, churches and cathedrals built in close proximity, a clear display of the cultural exchange between East and West on this Chinese territory today.

If we only have a day in Macau, we will not want to miss:

* Ruins of St. Paul’s – the most famous and prominent landmark in Macau.  The facade of the remains of the Church of Mater Dei after a fire outbreak in 1835, was carved with a mix of Christian symbols and Chinese characters.

* Mount Fortress – originally used as an altar for over 300 years and subsequently converted into a fortress by the Portuguese, offers paranomic views of the Ruins of St. Paul’s and the whole of Macau.

* Na Tcha Temple – located just beside the Ruins of St Paul

* Senado Square – well known for its black and white wavy-patterned cobbled streets.  The square has been the heart of Macau and hosted many major public events and festive celebrations.

* St Augustine’s Square – cobblestones pavement reflects the traditional Portugese streetscape.

* Dom Pedro V Theatre – the first western-style theatre in Macau.

* Avenida Almelda Ribeiro (San Ma Lo) – walking tour along this bustling Main Street of Macau and passing shops and restaurants famous for dried salted fish, Macanese cookies, Portugese egg tarts, pork-chop buns should be an enjoyable and yummy experience 🙂

* Grand Lisboa Casino – one of the most ostentatious designed building in Macau.

* A-Ma Temple – the oldest temple and longest surviving building in Macau

* The Venetian Casino – the world’s largest casino and 3 times the size of its counterpart in Las Vegas sitting on Cotai, the reclaimed land joining Taipa to Coloane.

* Macau Fisherman’s Wharf – an open-air theme park with many retail, dining, bars and entertainment venues.  We will probably visit this first when we arrive by ferry or our last stop on the way back to ferry terminal.

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