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UOB Card NATAS Fair 2012 Sales


Hi Travel Buddies,

After making your dream holiday payment by UOB Card, head straight to Booth B06 to redeem:

1) Sure-Win Lucky Dipcharge S$800 and above
2) Crossing 4-wheeler hardcase luggage
29″ Luggage:
Minimum spend of S$5,800
20″ Luggage: Minimum spend of S$2,800
3) Limited edition tote bag: Pay with your UOB Lady’s Card, minimum spend of S$800

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Don’t forget to check out our previous post on NATAS Fair 2012 Credit Card Promotion on other great credit cards promotion by clicking here.

Have fun exploring NATAS 2012. :-)

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  1. […] UOB – Booth B06 Charge minimum S$800 and participate in Sure-Win Lucky Dip Charge minimum S$2,800 – 20″ Crossing 4-wheeler hardcase luggage Charge minimum S$5,800 – 29″ Crossing 4-wheeler hardcase luggage Charge the above using UOB Lady’s Card and receive a limited edition tote bag. […]

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