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Universal Studios Singapore Attractions


Hi Travel Buddies,

2 weeks ago, we were delighted to spend a day at the Universal Studios Singapore.  Having been to the Universal Studios Hollywood at Los Angeles,  we look forward to a different experience in the first and only Universal Studio Theme Park in Southeast Asia.

We arrived at the park around 10am to make sure we have time to cover all the main attractions.

There are basically 7 areas of attractions.

Our first stop is to 1) New York.  The key attraction is the Steven Spielberg’s Lights, Camera, Action! Show.  Be impressed by the filmmakers incredible special effects right before our eyes!  We experienced loud noises and intense effects that produce fire, wind and water and being in the front row, we also risked getting wet!

We followed the park map andwent on to look for the Stage 28 – a state of art sound stage for motion picture and television production.  But somehow we cannot locate the site from the map and we realised that the stage is still under construction. 😛

Across the street is 2) Hollywood Boulevard, we met the glamorous Marilyn Monroe!  There are many merchanise stores and a few restaurants along the street, we have planned this to be our last stop for shopping! 😀

We moved on to the 3) Sci-Fi City.  The most exciting roller coaster, Battlestar Galactica is still suspended.  So we tried the Accelerator for a whirling twirling experience.

Next, we headed to the 4) Ancient Egypt to try out the indoor roller coaster – “Revenge of the Mummy”.  Before we reached the rollar coaster, we followed a narrow, dimmed-lighted path, with ancient egyptian characters painted on the walls and warrior mummies to create the eerie, anicient egyptian atmosphere to prepare us for a psychological thrill ride.  We were plunged into total darkness on the ride, though a pretty short one and a picture was snapped on us.  If you like your pose in the picture, you can purchase the photo memoir for S$19.

Opposite the Revenge of the Mummy’s entrance is the “Treasure Hunter”.  We saw the waiting time displayed 15 minutes and we decided to give this a miss as we reckon is more for kids.  By now, the sky turned dark and started drizzling….

Heading north is 5) The Lost World and we aimed to do the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure before lunch.  This is supposed to be one of the most fun ride in the park.  It is a thrilled river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats.

While we were queuing half-way, there was an announcement that the ride may stop any time due to the weather conditions.  We prayed that the ride will not be cancelled, phew.  We were warned earlier that we will get wet but we didn’t expect that we got really really wet, inside-out!  Actually, not everyone in our raft got so wet, only the ‘lucky’ ones like us experienced a really ‘cool’ ride. 😛

By the time we came out from the ride, the rain was pouring hard and we ran to the nearby Discovery Food Court for food and warm shelter.  As we just came out from a wet ride, we were in a pretty pathetic state, haha.

The Waterworld show was scheduled to start at 1pm and we definitely would not want to miss this.  Due to the weather conditions, the show was cancelled and we are told to come back at 3pm for the next show.

So what to do during a rainy day at Universal Studios?  Read on our next post and find out how we end our day. 🙂

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