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Hi Travel Buddies,

If you want to travel with a peace of mind, get your travel insurance once you have already booked your airfare.

More often than not, travellers like to leave this to the last thing before their trip.  However, we all know that even the most perfectly planned trip can subject to risks like trip cancellation, postponement due to unforseen reasons caused by natural disasters, illness or closure of travel agents.

Choose a travel insurance plan that is suitable to your needs.  For us, we always choose a plan that gives us unlimited coverage on emergency medical evacuation.  Remember to read the fine prints in the policy on exclusions clauses.  If you intend to engage in extreme sports activities, make sure you are well covered.

There are many reputable and reliable travel insurance companies in the market.  Generally, most of them offer very attractive rates, as high as up to 45% discounts during travel fairs.  If you have no time to visit travel fairs, book your travel tickets using credit cards is another alternative that can also give you relatively good coverage.

Still unsure of which insurance companies to go for?  Below is a list that you can consider.  We have tried them all and they have proven to be reliable and fast in processing our claims when we need it.

Chartis Travel Guard (formerly known as AIG Travel Insurance)

NTUC Income Travel Insurance

Travel Joy by Tenet Insurance

ACE Insurance

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