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The ArtScience Museum


Hi Travel Buddies,

We are looking forward to the opening of the world’s first ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands.   It will be due to open on next year Feb 17, 1.18pm.

We were particularly attracted by the lotus flower design and it looks especially outstanding at night against the backdrop of the glittering Marina Bay Sands Casino and Hotel.  The dish-like roof of the museum is designed to collect rainwater to be channelled down to the reflective pond at the lowest level of the building.  Brilliant!

The 21 gallery spaces of 50,000 sq feet will hold exhibits from art and science, media and technology to design and architecture.  The showpiece exhibition, the ArtScience Gallery, is connected through 3 galleries: Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression.  The permanent exhibits in the galleries include Leonardo da Vinci’s Flying Machine, a Kongming Lantern and a high-tech robotic fish.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of exploration to Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression in the brand New Year? 😛

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