Sunrise daybreak at Gili Trawangan

Hi Travel Buddies,

In case if you are missing our posts and wondering what happen?  Here’s the latest update, we are having our vacation at the gili islands!

Also well known as “The Gilis”, the word gili actually means “small island”.  The 3 tiny miniscule coral islands are lying off the north-west coast of Lombok, Indonesia.  Surrounded by clear turquoise sea, fringed with white sands and swaying palm trees, the Gilis offer great diving, snorkelling opportunites for the adventurous or laid back charm for those who want a totally relaxed vacation.

Today will be our third night stay at Gili Trawangan, the largest and also the most comopolitan island of the three.  We do not have any fixed program for the day, we decided to rise early at five this morning to catch the sunrise.

Thanks to the good location of our accomodation, Tir Na Nog, at the east coast.  We just have to walk out to the beach, find a good spot, set up our camera and video and wait for the perfect moment.

Looking across the ocean, the outline of Gunung Rinjani was beautiful at dawn.  Gunung Rinjani, settling at the northern part of Lombok, is the second-tallest volcano (3726m) in Indonesia.  We saw the photos of the peak of Gunung Rinjani and the views are really magnificient.  The most popular way to climb to the peak is to do a 5-day trek, start at Senaru and end at Sembalun Lawang.  A guide is a must from the hot springs to Sembalun Lawang.  To do the trek, you have to be fit and be aware of the rough terrain uphill and downhill, so get some training may be better before the trip.

We met another lady from the States and started talking while we wait for the daybreak.  She’s working in Korea currently and was having a vacation break at Bali and Gilis and shared with us that she hosted Singaporeans via the website “couch surfing” – a travellers network that connect people all over the world who will like to volunteer and provide free acomodation and advices.  Uhmm, something new that we will probably check out more when we are back to Singapore. 🙂

We saw the first glimpse of sunrise happened around 6.15am and it was astonishing beautiful together with Gunung Rinjani as the backdrop.  You know, the feeling was great when you are able to witness the entire sunrise moments with your loved ones.  Can’t wait to share our photos and videos after we edit, so for now, we just have one to share first. 😛

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