SIA and SilkAir to raise fuel surcharge

Hi Travel Buddies,

Important travel news: SIA and SilkAir will raise fuel surcharge on airtickets after next Wednesday.  This price increase is on the back of the rising jet fuel, which costs US$110 per barrel as compared to US$95 per barrel 2 months ago.  Travellers are expected to pay between US$6 and US$54 more for round-trip fares after Wednesday.

However, Singapore travellers need not worry too much as the continued strengthening of the local currency against US$ and Euro dollar has made up or more than offset the rise in fuel surcharge through savings in accomodation, meals, local tours and shopping.  Thanks to the favourable exchange rate! 🙂

If you have already got concrete plans to travel and can confirm your travelling dates, book your tickets with SIA or SilkAir by next Wednesday to save more.

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