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Shanghai-Hangzhou High-Speed Railway


Hi Travel Buddies,

The much awaited Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway took off at 9am yesterday from Shanghai-Hongqiao Station to Hangzhou Station.

Running on an average of 350km per hour, travel time between the 2 cities is now shortened to 45 minutes from 78 minutes.

Ticket prices start from 98 yuan (second-class seat) to 156 yuan (first-class seat) to travel the 9-stop trip between the 2 stations.

With this latest addition of 202 km new link, China’s total high-speed rail network is now 7,431 km, the longest in the world.

We tried the first high-speed railway from Beijing to Tianjin last year and the experience was a breeze.  It was a smooth 30-minute ride and one ticket price costs us 58 yuan (second-class seat).

We look forward to the upcoming high-speed railway from Shanghai to Beijing, target to complete by 2012. ūüôā

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