Scoot – You Decide the Fare! Promotion

Hi Travel Buddies,

Good news to all budget travellers!!  Scoot is having “You Decide the Fare! Promotion” now till this Sunday 18 Mar 2012 2359hrs (Singapore time)!

What you have to do is simply register for FREE in this website

Scoot said that as number of registrations go UP, their price will goes DOWN! If you register before the deadline, you will get exclusive access to these fares before everyone who hasn’t during Scoot’s members-only sales launch.   Scoot assured that clicking to sign up only registers you for the campaign and there is no commitment to purchase.

The price at the end of campaign will be the lowest promotional price for one-way tickets from Singapore to Sydney, Singapore to Gold Coast, Gold Coast to Singapore or Sydney to Singapore, inclusive of all taxes and surcharges.

Scoot promised that as soon as the final price is confirmed, members will be sent an email informing them of the start of sales.  Members would then have a members-only sale for a stipulated time frame, after which the sales will be opened to the public.

But, take note that this campaign is only available to individuals 18 years of age and above.

As we have previously reported, Scoot is about to commence flying in June 2012.  We observed that the current price is under $250 (Inclusive of all taxes and surcharges in SGD for flights out of Singapore, and AUD for flights out of Australia).  40,000+ peoples have already registered.   What are you waiting for? 😉

Don’t forget to check out our previous post on Scoot for more information on Scoot by clicking here.

Happy registration and Good Luck!! 🙂

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