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Hi Travel Buddies,

Have you gathered enough information at the NATAS Fair today?

We often hear the saying “Book Early to Avoid Disappointment”, we have another Smart Traveller Tip for you: “Reserve Early to Avoid Disappointment”.

This is so SO IMPORTANT especially if your arrival and departure dates happen to fall on public holidays, peak holiday seasons or weekends.

You may wonder why we don’t advise you to book the tickets immediately?   Sure you can, but by reserving the dates first, you have a little more time to think about your itinerary.  For instance, you may want to plan for a day or two to stopover if there is a connection flight.  So stay cool and do not rush to confirm something if you are not too sure yet.  Typically, you can request the travel agent to hold your reservations on air tickets for a few days to a week.

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