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USA 2006

USA West Coast Road Trip

Day 1: 24/3/06 (Fri) Depart from Singapore 1310hrs, Transit in Taipei 1725hrs
Day 2: 25/3/06 (Sat) Arrive at 1440hrs at San Francisco Airport (SFO) Airport, Collect Car at SFO Airport 1600hrs
Day 3: 26/3/06 (Sun) Ends at Lake Tahoe
Day 4: 27/3/06 (Mon) Ends at Bishop
Day 5: 28/3/06 (Tues) Ends at Death Valley
Day 6: 29/3/06 (Wed) Ends at Barstow
Day 7: 30/3/06 (Thurs) Ends at Las Vegas
Day 8: 31/3/06 (Fri) Ends at Zion Canyon
Day 9: 1/4/06 (Sat) Ends at Grand Canyon
Day 10: 2/4/06 (Sun) Ends at Las Vegas
Day 11: 3/4/06 (Mon) Ends at Las Vegas
Day 12: 4/4/06 (Tues) Ends at Las Vegas
Day 13: 5/4/06 (Wed) Return Car at McCarran Int’l Airport, Domestic Flight 1005hrs, Collect Car at Los Angeles (LAX) Airport 1200hrs
Day 14: 6/4/06(Thurs) Ends at Los Angeles, Anaheim
Day 15: 7/4/06 (Fri) Ends at Los Angeles, Anaheim
Day 16: 8/4/06 (Sat) Return Car at LAX Airport, Domestic Flight 1035hrs, Collect Car at San Jose Airport 1200hrs
Day 17: 9/4/06 (Sun) Ends at Moneterey Bay
Day 18: 10/4/06 (Mon) Ends at San Francisco
Day 19: 11/4/06 (Tues) Ends at San Francisco
Day 20: 12/4/06 (Wed) Reach SFO at 2200hrs to return car
Day 21: 13/4/06 (Thurs) Depart from SFO at 0130hrs, Transit in Taipei 0550hrs
Day 22: 14/4/06 (Fri) Arrive Singapore 1200hrs, Home Sweet Home

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