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Taiwan 2007

A round-island trip in Taiwan 台湾四月之旅

Day 1: 15/4/07 (Sun) Depart from Singapore 1300hrs, Arrive at 1740hrs at Taipei Chiang Kai Shek (TPE) Airport
Day 2: 16/4/07 (Mon) Ends at Xin Beitou 新北头
Day 3: 17/4/07 (Tues) Ends at Jiufen 九份
Day 4: 18/4/07 (Wed) Ends at Hualien 花蓮
Day 5: 19/4/07 (Thurs) Ends at Chihpen 知本
Day 6: 20/4/07 (Fri) Ends at Kending 垦丁
Day 7: 21/4/07 (Sat) Ends at Gaoxiong 高雄
Day 8: 22/4/07 (Sun) Ends at Changhua 彰化
Day 9: 23/4/07 (Mon) Ends at Taichong 台中
Day 10: 24/4/07 (Tues) Ends at Taichong 台中
Day 11: 25/4/07 (Wed) Ends at Taichong 台中
Day 12: 26/4/07 (Thurs) Ends at Taipei 台北
Day 13: 27/4/07 (Fri) Ends at Taipei 台北
Day 14: 28/4/07(Sat) Depart fromTaipei Chiang Kai Shek (TPE) Airport 1825hrs, Arrive Singapore2200hrs, Home Sweet Home