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New Zealand 2009

Autumn Holiday Break

22nd Apr 2009 to 9th May 2009

Day 1: 22/04/09 (Wed) Depart from Singapore 2105hrs
Day 2: 23/04/09 (Thurs) Arrive Auckland International Airport (AKL) at 1045hrs, Collect Car from Omega Car Rental, Overnight at Paihia
Day 3: 24/04/09 (Fri) Visit Bay of Islands, Overnight at Ahipara
Day 4: 25/04/09 (Sat) Cape Regina, 90 Miles Beach, Overnight at Ahipara
Day 5: 26/04/09 (Sun) Overnight at Bucklands Beach, Auckland
Day 6: 27/04/09 (Mon) Overnight at Whakatene
Day 7: 28/04/09 (Tues) Rotorua, Overnight at Lake Taupo
Day 8: 29/04/09 (Wed) Overnight at Paraparaumu
Day 9: 30/04/09 (Thurs) Overnight at Wellington
Day 10: 1/05/09 (Fri) Return Car at Wellington, Board Interislander Ferry from Wellington to Picton (0825hrs to 1135hrs, 3hr 10 min ride), Overnight at Kaikoura
Day 11: 2/05/09 (Sat) Overnight at Hokitika
Day 12: 3/05/09 (Sun) Overnight at Fox Glacier
Day 13: 4/05/09 (Mon) Overnight at Wanaka
Day 14: 5/05/09 (Tues) Overnight at Queenstown
Day 15: 6/05/09 (Wed) Overnight at Oamaru
Day 16/17: 7-8/05/09 (Thurs-Fri) Overnight at Christchurch, 2 nights
Day 18: 9/05/09 (Sat) Return Car at Omega, Christchurch, Depart 1050hrs from Christchurch International Airport (CHC), Arrive Singapore 1745hrs, Home Sweet Home

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