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Japan 2007

Day 1: 23/7/07 (Mon) Depart from Singapore 2310hrs
Day 2: 24/7/07 (Tues) Arrive at Kansai Airport關西國際機場0635hrs, transfer to Osaka大阪
Day 3: 25/7/07 (Wed) Depart from Kansai Airport 1110hrs,
Arrive Chitose Airport新千歳空港1300hrs, transfer to Sapporo 札幌
Day 4: 26/7/07 (Thurs) Drive from Sapporo札幌, ends at Lake Toya 洞爺湖
Day 5: 27/7/07 (Fri) Ends at Niseko 二世古/新雪谷
Day 6: 28/7/07 (Sat) Back to Sapporo 札幌
Day 7: 29/7/07 (Sun) Ends at Asahikawa 旭川市
Day 8: 30/7/07 (Mon) Ends at Abashiri 網走
Day 9: 31/7/07 (Tues) Ends at Lake Mashu 摩周湖 or Kushiru 釧路市
Day 10: 1/8/07 (Wed) Ends at Obihiro帶廣
Day 11: 2/8/07 (Thurs) Ends at Hakodate 函館市
Day 12: 3/8/07 (Fri) Ends at Hakodate函館市
Day 13: 4/8/07 (Sat) Depart from Hakodate Airport 函館空港0940hrs,
Arrive Haneda Airport羽田空港1105hrs, transfer to Yokohama 横滨市
Day 14: 5/8/07(Sun) Ends at Hakone 箱根
Day 15: 6/8/07 (Mon) Ends at Tokyo, Ueno 上野
Day 16: 7/8/07 (Tues) Ends at Tokyo, Ueno 上野
Day 17: 8/8/07 (Wed) Depart from Narita Airport 成田國際機場1815hrs
Day 18: 9/8/07 (Thurs) Arrive Singapore 0025hrs, Home Sweet Home

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