Reasons to Travel

Hi Travel Buddies,

For the past one week, we have been pondering over what have happened lately to different parts of the world.  The riots, revolutions and imminent war in the middle east countries, hurricanes and floods in Australia, freezing winter storms in US, major earthquakes in Chile, Christchurch in New Zealand and now the worst earthquake, tsunami, nuclear leaks in Japan sets us to think what exactly is going on in the world we are living now?

So do we stop travelling now because of the negative events going on around us?

This question was flashed repeatedly in our minds and the answer is a resounding NO.

Even during good times, we always hear some friends procrastinate their travel plans because of all reasons:

1.  I will travel later when my kids grow up
2.  I will travel later when I find a better job with more leave
3.  I will travel later when I save enough
4.  I will travel later when I retire

But the truth is that there is never a really good time or bad time to travel.  Had we not sticked to our travel convictions every year, we would have missed all the unforgettable and unique travel experience in Egypt, Australia, USA, New Zealand and Japan as travelling to certain places of interest in these countries may not be so viable now at least for some time.

While we are not encouraging friends to drop everything to travel, we do hope to see more Singaporeans to dare to pursue their travel inspirations and reach out to their dream destinations sooner.

Lastly, to all the victims of war and natural disasters lately:
We sincerely wish that with hope, courage and determination, they will be able to tide over the ordeal and recover.

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