Pura Luhur Batukau – A balinese temple in the forest

Hi Travel Buddies,

Our next stop after Pura Tanah Lot was another balinese temple – Pura Luhur Bataukau.  What is so special about this temple?  Our driver, Made told us that this is the only temple in Bali that is located in a forest.

Pura Luhur Batukau, one of the nine directional temples in Bali, is the guardian of the west.

We were greeted with rather strict rules on the sign board that prohibit the following people from entering the temple:

  1. Ladies who are pregnant
  2. Ladies whose children have got the first teeth
  3. Children whose first teeth not fallen out yet
  4. Ladies during their period
  5. Devotees getting impure due to death
  6. Mad ladies/gentlemen
  7. Those not properly dressed

All devotees entering temples should maintain cleaniness and environmental conservation.

This is also the only temple that we have to wear sarongs before we can enter.  Sarongs can be borrowed at the entrance and the people there helped us to wear the sarongs the right way.

As we strolled in the temple, we like the cool and fresh air and you can hear birds chirping sound occasionally.  We passed by a large square pond and a small stream of white water running on the rocks.  Made told us there are organised treks and with an experienced guide, one can explore further the forest and trek all the way up to Gunung Batukaru, a long-extinct volcano.

It was half past one by the time we completed the tour of this beautiful temple, time to find food to fill our growling stomach! 😛


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