Pre-Natas Sale Tips – Where to Travel?

Hi Travel Buddies,

Have you decided on your next holiday destination for the next few months?  If you have not, start thinking about it as now is probably the best time of the rest of the year to start shopping for great holiday deals.

Why?  Firstly, you would have noticed that lots of Pre-Natas Travel Fairs and airfare promotions have started.

Next, with the current strengthening of the Singapore dollar, you have plenty of choices, especially to countries like USA and United Kingdom.  We have more friends been to or planning to USA or UK this year as the current US dollar and pound is so much cheaper compared to 3 years ago.  Recently, the Australia dollar also retreated from all time high, so if you are planning to go to down-under for a spring/summer holiday, you can probably start to stock up some Aussie dollar.

Below are the latest key exchange rates that you can use as a reference to consider where your Singapore dollar can fetch you the most value in your next holiday.

Hope you like the tips we shared today.  Click here for more travel tips and how to plan a trip.

Happy Holidays! 🙂


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