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Post Christmas Holiday Deals by ZUJI


Hi Travel Buddies,

Winter continues on for two months after Christmas, why not spend a Post-Christmas holiday in wondrous, magical Europe? It’s never too late to celebrate with the family and continue the Christmas Spirit with ZUJI Singapore‘s post Christmas holiday deals.

ZUJI encourages booking holidays early and offers a one stop to pick your favourite holiday destination, choose a reasonable flight, source accommodation or book the whole trip and itinerary in one package and guaranteed at the best price!

Here’s ZUJI’s latest sweet treats designed to make booking an early holiday trip just as sweet as a holiday treat!

Thai Airways

Frankfurt fr $1394
London fr $1488
Paris fr $1339
Rome fr $1282

Book by 31 March 2012 and travel by 31 June 2012. If you book before 31 December 2011, you can enjoy a $50 rebate and delivery of a free box of macaroons complimentary of ZUJI. Enjoy your holiday!


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