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Planning for NATAS Fair 2011 – Part 2


Hi Travel Buddies,

Can’t make up your mind where will be your next holiday destination?

If you are searching for travel ideas to make your bookings at the coming NATAS Fair (25 to 27 Feb), you can check out on our itineraries and photo galleries links on those countries that we have been to in the past 5 years between March to May.

1. Autumn in Australia – Melbourne and Tasmania – April
2. End Winter Early Spring in USA West Coast – March to April
3. Spring in Taiwan – April
4. Spring in Egypt – March to April
5. Spring in Dubai – February to April
6. Autumn in New Zealand – April

The 2 constraints that we often need to deal with in planning a holiday is time and money.  If you follow our travel tips closely, you can overcome the constraints easily.  The first piece of good news is that the 2011 public holidays in Singapore have most days fall on weekends to allow us to go for a longer holiday.  The second piece of good news is that most currency forecasts are pointing towards a stronger Singapore dollar in 2011.

Looking at the latest exchange rates as at today below, do you have a better idea now where is your next travel destination? 😛

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