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Peninsula Hot Springs Review


Hi Travel Buddies,

The Peninsula Hot Springs is probably the best hot springs that we have ever visited.  You can relax and rejuvenate in the regions first natural hot springs and day spa centre in just about 90 minutes drive from Melbourne.Peninsula Hot Springs

There are 2 types of bathing facilities inside Peninsula Hot Springs. The Spa Dreaming Centre is reserved for guests 16 years and above, who prefer to enjoy the private outdoor pools and indoor baths alone, with a partner or a small group up to 5 adults. If you like a more pampering experience, you can choose from an array of spa treatments and packages. Paid entry includes robe, towel and locker hire in Spa Dreaming Centre.

The other facility would be the Bath House for social bathing with over 20 experiences to choose from. We arrived at 9am and were given the early bird discounts entry to the bath house. The full rate is $40 per person and we paid $20 each. If you do not have a robe, it will be better to rent a robe for $7 to make yourself comfortable so as you can hop from pool to pool without having to worry about catching a cold in between. If you are coming in as a family, you can just pay $3 to share a locker and use the family shower room instead of getting separate lockers for the male and female. Bring your own towel, otherwise you can rent as well.

We thought the best way to start the hot spring experience will be from the hilltop pool offering 360 degree panaromic views of the region. You feel great overlooking the beautiful surroundings while soaking in the hot spring, it is so relaxing!  After that, you can slowly descend from the hill top and try on different pools, take the reflexology walk, underground sauna and Turkish steam bath if you like and many more. The temperature of these pools varies from 42 to 36 degrees Celsius.  The cave pool is an interesting one, quite an unique experience to have a dip inside the cave.

Peninsula Hot Springs are sodium chloride bicarbonate hot springs, with a ph level of 6.8. There are many health benefits associated with bathing in mineral hot springs, some researchers also believe it helps to address cardiovascular disease and nervous system imbalances.

We spent a good 3 hours at the bath house and never felt so refreshing since we arrive last month. This is definitely the place we will recommend to our families and friends if they come to Melbourne.


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