Our Best Hike at Larch Valley in Autumn, Banff National Park

Hi Travel Buddies,

Around this time last year, we went on a road trip to our dream land of Canadian Rockies.

Our best hike was the Larch Valley Trail in Banff National Park.  We started from the canoe dock at Moraine Lake, walked one way through dense forest for close to 4.3 km with an elevation gain of 535m. The well defined trail turned zip-zag half way.

Hiking to Larch Valley required a group of at least four people in close proximity to one another as a precaution for likely encounter with grizzly bears. Alternatively, wear a bear bell.  It was a common belief to keep silent to stay away from bears, however we learned from the locals that one should always make noise in order not to surprise the bears.

The local trekkers along the hike told us that we were very lucky to be able to do this trail during this period because the larch trees’ needles will turn golden, their best colour for only 2 weeks in Autumn. This speared us to push ourselves to go on despite we were already tired. We were extremely excited after reaching the top when we saw so many golden larch trees at the backdrop of a continuous snowed capped mountain range, known as the Valley of the Ten Peaks and a clear blue sky.  The view was simply breathtaking!

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We felt like we were in heaven.  The golden needles on the larch trees appeared so beautifully contrasted with snow landed softly on them.  We were glad that we manage to capture this magic moment.  One can continue to spend a full day exploring the exquisite open forest of golden autumn larch trees along with magnificent panoramic views of the glacier-capped Valley of the Ten Peaks.

If you like to find out more about our itinerary, click here.


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