One day in Johor Bahru

Hi Travel Buddies,

It has been quite a while since we last set our foot across the causeway.  Just last weekend, we had an enjoyable three day 2 night trip to Johor Bahru and Malacca.

Let’s start off with how we spent our one day in Johor Bahru (JB).

1030 hrs to 1330 hrs

Together with two friends, the four of us checked into the Neway Karaoke Box at City Square, JB, level 5.  Just by looking at the price, we know it is a steal.  At 20RM per pax, you get to sing your hearts out for 3 hours, a reasonable spread of buffet lunch and your choice of a proper lunch from 8 different meals.  Every 4 persons will get 1 free lunch meal.  The lunch meal is so so only but the porridge at the buffet table is yummy! 🙂

1330 hrs to 1430hrs

It was the time to check into our first night’s hotel – Citrus Hotel, conveniently located just across the road from City Square Shopping Mall.  We shall do our review in the next post.  We then spent some time checking out the car rental rates as we had originally planned to drive up to Malacca the next day.  But the rates are either too expensive at 300RM a day for a Toyota Camry or no cars are available.  So we decided to move on to Merlin Towers to purchase the coach tickets.  Without much effort, we bought the tickets and paid 20RM per pax to catch the 9am coach at Larkin Bus Terminal next morning.

1430 hrs to 1730 hrs

We went back to City Square to check out the Cathay cinema’s counter on the latest movies.  We decided on MI4 -Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  All the counters were very packed with people but it did not take us too long to get our tickets to catch the 9.40pm show at RM12 per pax, yeh! 🙂

Spent the rest of the time shopping and snacking along the way at City Square.

1800 hrs to 1900 hrs

Dinner time!  We went to the street food stalls just behind our hotel, look at our spread….

1900 hrs to 2130 hrs

Rest and Relax!  The best part of staying in a hotel with such great location is that we can go back to our hotel rooms to rest any time.  We had a long day in fact, spent more than two hours from home to get across the custom in the morning.

2140 hrs to midnight

Show time!  MI4 lasted slightly more than 2 hours, very action packed, added some comedian parts this time and Tom Cruise was still as suave as ever….

Watch out our upcoming post on Malacca soon! 🙂




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