Ocean Park Attractions at the Summit

Hi Travel Buddies,

We went to Ocean Park in Hong Kong on the second day of Chinese New Year.

We purchased our tickets at HK$250 each from our hotel Concerige Desk.  Our hotel offered direct shuttle bus to Ocean Park.  The ride took only 15 minutes and it costs us only HK$10 each.

We arrived the park around 10am and as expected, the park was already very crowded with visitors.

In the Ocean Park, there are attractions at the waterfront, at the bottom of the summit and at the summit.  We decided to take the Summit Cable Car to start touring the attractions at the summit first as we expected most of the visitors will start from the bottom of the summit, so the trick is to go against the traffic to beat the traffic! 🙂

Once we arrived at the summit, we hurried to the Ocean Theatre to check out the showtime of the most popular show “Sea Dreams”.  The first show was at 11.30am, so we decided to go back at 11am to reserve the seats.

We went to the see the Sea Jelly Spectacular, a pretty short but interesting tour.

By the time we returned to the Ocean Threatre, the good seats in the middle were almost all filled.  Luckily we still managed to spot two seats.  We enjoyed the stunning performances put up by the animal stars, thumbs up to the cutie dolphins and seals.  We were also impressed that 3 languages, English, Mandarin and Cantonese were used seamlessly throughout the show.

After the show, we went to the Ocean Park Tower.  We queued for almost 40 minutes to get up to the tower.  Ocean Park Tower is one of the tallest observation towers in Southeast Asia.  We were rotated around the tower gently as we soar up to 72metres and get a 360 degrees view of the South China Sea, Aberdeen and the outlying islands.

By the time we stepped out of the tower, we were starving and time for lunch break.  After lunch, we went to Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium.

If you have the time and like thrill rides, there are many thrill rides you can experience at the Summit. 

* The Flash – Rising over 22m, turning 360 degrees at 60km/h.
* The Abyss Turbo Drop – Vertical Free Fall from 20 floors from the ground.
* Crazy Galleon – Crazy Pirate Ship, tilting at 45% degree, as high as 20 floors from ground.
* The Dragon – Ultimte Roller Coaster Experience with corkscrews and full 360 degrees rotation.
* The Eagle – Gravity Defying Spins rise up towards the sky and split apart.
* Ferris Wheel – Enjoy Spectacular Views of Ocean Park and the South China Sea from the gondolas.
* Flying Swing – Get dizzy with delightful swings as high as 7 metres in the air.

Taking the Ocean Park escalator down will lead you to the Adventure Land where you can try another 3 rides: Mine Train, Space Wheel and Raging River.

 As there are really too much to see in Ocean Park, we decided to write up the attractions at the waterfront in another post.  Watch out! 🙂

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