NATAS TRAVEL 2011 Exhibtors list & Floor Plan

Hi Travel Buddies,

Finally, the much anticpated, biggest travel fair of the year, NATAS TRAVEL 2011 is here.

Be prepared to go early.  We have compiled a comprehensive list of exhibitors and NATAS 2011 Floor Plan.  Be sure to print and bring it along, definitely useful for you to grab great deals!  Have fun and good luck! 🙂

Exhibitor Booth No Hall

AD Travel Pte Ltd 5H19 5

A’Famosa Resort Malaysia 4H14 4

Airelated Travel Pte Ltd 4H47 4

Apple Holidays 5H11 5

ASA Holidays 5H37 5

Asia-Euro Holidays & Euro-Asia Holidays 5H13 5

AVIS Car Rental 4H41 4

AVS – Air Mauritius 4H40 4

Bayview Int’l Hotels & Resorts 5H22D 5

Berjaya Hotels & Resorts 4H39 4

BRF Holidays 4H37 4

Budget Rent A Car 4H36 4

Chan Brothers Travel / Asia Global Vacation / Chan Brothers Express 5H39 5

Citystate Holidays 5H23 5

CS Travel 4H05 4

CTC Travel 5H38 5

Desaru Tour & Travel 5H03A 5

Diners World Travel Pte Ltd 4H46 4

Dorison Travel Pte Ltd 4H33 4

Dynasty Travel International Pte Ltd 5H17 5

Eastern Holiday Singapore Pte Ltd 4H11 4

Ergo: Travel 4H17 4

Everly Resort Hotel Melaka 4H20 4

Farmosa Holiday Tour 4H49 4

Fenix Inn, Melaka 4H13 4

Finnair 5H32 5

Five Stars Tours Pte Ltd 4H71 4

Follow Me Japan Pte Ltd 4H03 4

Giamso Tours 5H25 5

Glaxis Travels Pte Ltd 5H15 5

Global Holidays Pte Ltd 4H12 4

Green Holidays Tours & Travel Pte Ltd 4H45 4

Green Island Tours (S) Pte Ltd 4H22 4

H.I.S. Travel 5H30 5

Hertz Rent A Car 4H44 4

Holiday Inn Resort Batam 4H42 4

Hong Thai Travel 4H70 4

Hotel Puri Melaka 4H16 4

Impiana Hotels Resorts, Spa & Private

Villas 4H15 4

Insight Vacations and Contiki Holidays 4H48 4

Jayakarta Hotels & Resorts 5H22C 5

Jetabout Holidays 5H16 5

JTB 5H14 5

Jun-Air Travel Pte Ltd 4H51 4

Konsortium Express & Tours Pte Ltd 5H36 5

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort 4H13A 4

M Asia Travel 5H18 5

Mandarin Tour Pte Ltd 4H32 4

Millennium Tours & Travel Pte Ltd 4H29 4

Mingstar Hotel Sdn Bhd 4H14A 4

Misa Travel 5H24 5

Myanmar Airways International 4H19 4

Nam Ho Travel 5H31 5

New Shan Travel 5H01 5

Neway Travel Service Pte Ltd 5H34 5

PriceBreaker 4H50 4

Puteri Hotels Sdn Bhd 5H08C 5

Reliance Travel Agencies (S) Pte Ltd 4H34 4

Reollo Travel 4H38 4

Resorts Travel Pte Ltd 4H09 4

Resorts World Genting 4H08 4

Ri-Yaz Hotels & Resorts 5H28 5

Royal Caribbean Cruises (Asia) Pte Ltd 4H04 4

S Travel Pte Ltd 4H43 4

Scenic Travel Pte Ltd 4H07 4

Seiki Travel Pte Ltd 5H29 5

Shahidah Travel & Tours Pte Ltd 4H21 4

Singa China Travel Service Pte Ltd 5H12 5

Singatour 4H10 4

SingExpress Travel / Safe2Travel 5H10 5

Sino-America Tours Corporation Ptd Ltd 5H09 5

STA Travel Pte Ltd 5H26 5

Stamford Discovery Cruise Center (Division of Stamford Travel) 5H27 5

Star Cruises 5H35 5

Super Travels Pte Ltd 4H52 4

Sutanraja Hotel 5H28A 5

Sutera Harbour Resort 4H35 4

The Legend Hotel KL & Grand Seasons Hotel KL 5H22A 5

The Legend Int’l Water Homes 5H22B 5

The Nomad Sucasa 5H08E 5

Tradewinds Tours And Travel 4H54 4

Transinex Travel 4H18 4

Universal Travel Corpn 5H21 5

UOB Travel 5H02 5

WTS Travel 5H20 5


Exhibitor Booth No Hall

Australia 4H23 4

South Australian Tourism Commission c/o Australia 4H23 4

Tourism New South Wales c/o Australia 4H23 4

Tourism Northern Territory c/o Australia 4H23 4

Tourism Queensland c/o Australia 4H23 4

Tourism Tasmania c/o Australia 4H23 4

Tourism Victoria c/o Australia 4H23 4

Tourism Western Australia c/o Australia 4H23 4

Brazil Pavillion 4H60 4

China National Tourist Office 4H02 4

Ecuador & Galápagos Islands 4H31 4

Egyptian Tourism Office 4H58A 4

Hong Kong Tourism Board 4H55 4

India Tourism 4H57 4

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) / Japan

National Tourism Organization (JNTO) 4H01 4

Aichi c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Best! From Hokkaido c/o JNTO 4H01 4

East Japan Railway Company c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Gifu c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Hokkaido Tourism Organization c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Hokuriku c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Home Of Mt Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture & Kanagawa Prefecture c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Kyushu c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Osaka-Kansai (City Of OSAKA / Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau) c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Snow Monkey Town Yamanouchi c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Tohoku Tourism Promotion Organization c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Tokyo Disney Resort® c/o JNTO 4H01 4

Korea Tourism Organization 4H62 4

Daegu c/o KTO 4H62 4

Gyeongsangbuk-do c/o KTO 4H62 4

Gwangju c/o KTO 4H62 4

Jeju Island c/o KTO 4H62 4

Lao NTA 4H30 4

Macau Government Tourist Office 4H27 4

Mexico Tourism Board 5H28B 5

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia 4H61 4

Philippine Department of Tourism 4H59 4

Sabah Tourism 4H26 4

Sarawak 4H58 4

Seychelles Tourism Board 4H28 4

Taiwan Visitors Association 4H24 4

Tourism Authority of Thailand 4H63 4

Tourism New Zealand 4H25 4


Exhibitor Booth No Hall

Album Stories 5H03B 5

Ascent Pharmahealth 5H08D 5

BUFF 5H06 5

Complement Pte Ltd 5H04 5

Escape! 4H66 4

FotoHub 5H40 5

Freshening Industries Pte Ltd 5H03 5

Garmin 4H66A 4

Marbella GPS 5H08B 5

Montage Pages 4H65 4

National Geographic 5H08 5

Photobook Express 5H08A 5

Tenet Insurance Company Ltd 4H64 4

Winning Marketing 4H68 4

Winter Time 5H07 5


Exhibitor Booth No Hall

Heaven and Earth 4H69A 4

MasterCard Worldwide 4H06 4

MediaCorp Pte Ltd 4H69B 4

Nestlé Singapore 5H41 5

Travel Guard Chartis 4H56 / 5H33 /5H07A 4 & 5

Qantas / British Airways 4H65A 4

Singapore Airlines Limited 4H53 4


Exhibitor Booth No Hall

 ANZ B04 5

Citibank S’pore Ltd B05 5

DBS Bank B03 5

HSBC B02 5

OCBC Bank B01 5

UOB Cards B06 5


Exhibitor Booth No Hall

Abacus Travel Systems Pte Ltd 5H33A 5

Amadeus GDS Singapore PL 5H34A 5

Lions Club of Singapore Phoenix 4H67 4

Make-A-Wish Foundation® 5H07B 5

PAssion Card 4H67A 4

Tzu Chi Foundation 5H07C 5

Listings are accurate at time of publication

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