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NATAS Fair 2011 – Top 10 Destinations Recommended


Hi Travel Buddies,

NATAS Fair 2011 is coming in less than two weeks time.  We are sure some of you have already firmed up your travel plans and waiting to snag the best travel deals during NATAS Fair.  However, we also know that there are also many of you still undecided where to go for your next holiday and perhaps need some suggestions.  So we hit the library today and borrowed a book on “100 must go places in your life” by National Geographic.

While we are not going to list down all the 100 places in this post as we thought having too many choices is probably not really a good idea as most of us will end up still not knowing where to go, haha. 😛

So we decided to hand pick 10 countries/places from the 100 places listed in the book after taking consideration the climate, the favourable exchange rates and our travel experiences.  Yes!  We are glad that we have been to some places (highlighted below) recommend by National Geographic.  However, there are also some countries that we have visited but it was a pity that we did not manage to visit those places recommended.  Well, this gives us a reason to visit the country again.  Meanwhile, do check out our travel itineraries and photos within our blog for more ideas.

Top 10 Destinations Recommended

1. United StatesThe Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone, The Arches, Death Valley

2. Alaska, USA – Mount Mckinley, Glacier Bay

3. CanadaRockies Mountains

4. South America – Manchu Picchu

5. Hawaii, USA – Haleakala Crater

6. Australia – Great Barrier Reef, Pinnacles Desert, Ayers Rock, Queensland Rainforest, Blue Mountains

7. New Zealand – Volcanoes, Fiordland

8. EgyptValley of The Kings

9. Cambodia – The Ankor Wat

10. Finland – Lapland

This is our top 10 destinations list for your reference and check out during the coming NATAS Fair, do you also have a list in mind?  If you have, why not drop us the list to share?

Happy Holidays! 🙂


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