NATAS Fair 2011: Tips to find the best deals at Natas

Hi Travel Buddies,

With less than 5 days to countdown to NATAS Fair 2011, you must be wondering now how to find the best deals at Natas.

To add to our previous travel tips on how to plan a trip, we have some more tips for you to gear up for this largest travel fair of the year.




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1. Do your homework at least 2 weeks before heading down to the NATAS fair.
Many of us tend to rush to travel fair without the slightest idea of where and when they are going for a holiday.  Once you decide on the destination, you should start to monitor all travel promotions related to your destination, be it airfare or hotel offers or packages if you do not intend to DIY.  You will notice that many pre-natas promotions have already started weeks before the actual NATAS Fair.  If you have not start monitoring, fret not!  Visit our blog and you can start doing a comparison among the various airlines, cruises or credit card deals to dig out the best deals.
Click here to see the consolidated travel deals for pre-NATAS and NATAS promotions.

2. Be there early.
Try to arrive early at the NATAS fair so that you have ample time to go around the booths and make comparison.

3. Bring along all your credit cards.
This may sound silly but you never know which credit card promotions offer the best deal on that day.  It will be a pity if you own that card but you did not bring it along!

4.  Have Access to the internet.
If you do not own a smart phone with internet access, consider bringing your netbook if you have a mobile broadband plan.  Having access to internet at the fair can allow you to check out any airfare deals online to see if is worthwhile booking the airtickets at the fair or online.  We ever experienced once when the travel agent told us that their fare is better but we realised in the end that we would have got an even better deal if we book online.

5. Buy travel insurance.
Generally, NATAS fair offers out the best discounts and perks  (freebies) for travel insurance.  So if you have already booked your holiday, do not miss out the good deals on travel insurance.

Alright, folks, that’s all we could think of for now.  Hope you like the tips we share here. 🙂


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