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Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2011


Hi Travel Buddies,

Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2011 is out!  Drawing the rich travel experiences from their travel authors, editors and readers, this book presents the best recommendations on travel destinations for next year 2011.

Below is a sneak preview on the TOP 10 recommendations in the book.

Many of the places may sound unfamiliar to you.  But when we did some google searches, we found some of them are really hidden treasures!  So if you are game enough, you can embark on a travel adventure off the beaten track in the new year! 🙂

Top 10 Countries Regions Cities
1 Albania Egypt – Sinai USA – New York
2 Brazil Crotia – Istria Morocca – Tangier
3 Cape Verde Tahiti – Marquesas Islands Israel – Tel Aviv
4 Panama Turkey – Cappadocia New Zealand – Wellington
5 Bulgaria Iceland – Westfjords Spain – Valencia
6 Vanuatu Scotland – Shetland Islands Peru – Iquitos
7 Italy Australia – Great Barrier Reef Belgium – Ghent
8 Tanzania USA West Coast India – Delhi
9 Syria Chile – Patagonia Australia – Newcastle
10 Japan Lombok, Indonesia – Gili Islands Thailand – Chiang Mai
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