Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast 2012

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We have always wish we can view the beautiful cherry blossom in Japan one day.  For those of you who are planning to visit Japan with the hope of witnessing the full bloom, we bet you have already started to check out the forecast dates.  We have read from TV news a few days ago about the harsh winter experienced by Japan right now and that may delay the cherry blossom season this year.

Below is the Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast 2012 we found from japan-guide.com.  Please note that this is just a guide as it really depends on the weather, wind and temperature which will make a big difference on the cherry blossom timings.

If you have made your travel plans, we wish you good luck to catch the full bloom! 🙂

Location Opening Estimated Best Viewing  
Tokyo March 30 April 5 to 14
Kyoto March 29 April 5 to 14
Kagoshima March 28 April 5 to 14
Kumamoto March 26 April 3 to 12
Fukuoka March 27 April 4 to 13
Hiroshima March 29 April 5 to 13
Osaka March 30 April 6 to 14
Nara March 31 April 6 to 14
Nagoya March 29 April 6 to 13
Yokohama March 31 April 6 to 13
Kanazawa April 7 April 12 to 19
Nagano April 13 April 18 to 25
Sendai April 13 April 18 to 25
Aomori April 26 May 1 to 8
Hakodate May 2 May 6 to 13
Sapporo May 4 May 7 to 14
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