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Last month, we wrote an article about the Tips to find the best deals at NATAS and it turned out to be the most popular posts of the month.

So we thought we should write some more tips to gear up for the coming IT Show 2011, counting down to 4 more days!

While we are certainly not IT geeks to be able to offer tips and recommendations on what are the best buys in the IT Show, what we can share will be our experiences in shopping for the best deals in IT Show.


1. Check out the pre-IT Show prices of the gadgets you have been eyeing for.
We have been thinking of getting a all-in-one photo printer.  So we went to Funan DigitalLife Mall and Sim Lim Square yesterday to check out the prices.  We realised that the prices are more or less similar for photo printers.  To our present surprise, we realised that The Challenger megastore at Funan is now opened 24 hours daily since 1 March 2011.

2. Collect specifications and brochures on the different models for comparison.
There are so many competing brands like Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, Samsung with varying prices and models for photo printers.  We collected a number of them so that we can have a better idea what to get something within our budget and needs.

3. Ask the salespersons about the product features, maintenance costs, warranty etc before the IT Show 2011.
We expect that the coming IT Show 2011 will be fully packed with visitors and exhibitors as usual.  We learnt about the different features of each model can offer, for example, the print quality, resolutions, wireless enabled or not, replacement costs of the printer cartridges etc.  So getting answers from the salespersons during the show can somethings be a challenging and daunting tasks. So prepare your questions and ask in advance before the IT Show if you can. 🙂

4. Check the forum.
When we got home with all the information like prices, specifications and product features we gathered, we started to check the forum online.  While not all the advices that you get from forum may be totally true and useful, it is still a very good platform for you to check out the pros and cons of the product from experienced users or IT geeks who sometimes understand the product even better than the salespersons!  We learnt that certain brands of photo printers cost us more in terms of printing cost per page even their purchase price maybe cheaper, but maintenance costs are higher.  We also learnt that printing speed also differs among different models.

5.  Bring all your credit cards.
This is the same tip we offered last month for NATAS Fair.  The rationale is the same, you never know which credit card will offer you the best deal or freebies.

6.  You may get the same good deal at other IT Mall during IT Show period.
Many of us thought that IT Show is the only place to offer the best deal.  This is true only to a certain extent, many of the exhibitors also have their own shops at Funan or Sim Lim Square and they offer the same IT Show promotions.  So you can avoid less crowd and buy at those places instead.

7. Admission is FREE, pay a return visit on the last day.
Unlike NATAS Travel Fair, admission is FREE to IT Show 2011.  So you can check out the prices on the 1st day and return on the last day to try your luck if there are any last day offers.  But take note while stocks last, so if the gadgets or the latest models you want is already selling like hot cakes, then you better weigh your chances of not getting your dream gadget by waiting and act fast! ;P

We hope you like the tips we shared and good luck to your shopping! 🙂

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