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Is flying by budget airlines always cheaper?


Hi Travel Buddies,

Thanks to the influx of budget airlines in recent years, we have more choices to travel now.  More giant airlines, like Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways have also announced their plans to start up low-fare, no frills carriers soon.  But is flying by budget airlines always cheaper?

As an illustration, we picked Melbourne and New Zealand, apply the same travel period and generate the fare comparisons using ZUJI Singapore.

Table 1 illustrated that Qantas offers the cheapest airfare from Singapore to Melbourne.  Jetstar ranks third in terms of fare amount and note that this is the basic fare price, meaning it does not include check-in baggage which you have to pay extra if you need more baggage.

Table 2 illustrated that if you fly from Singapore to Auckland during the same travel period as in Table 1, Jetstar offers the cheapest airfare, even if you add in the cost of additional baggage say 20kg.

Table 3 illustrated a different travel period in June 2012 to fly from Singapore to Melbourne.  This time, Jetstar is the cheapest airline.  This confirms our guess that the earlier you book your flight, the higher the chances that budget airlines can offer a cheaper airfare.

So just do a little homework to compare fares online, know what are the extras you need to pay beside the basic airfare, you can be the smart traveller and save up more for shopping! 🙂

Table 1 - Singapore to Melbourne

Table 2 - Singapore to Auckland

Table 3 - Singapore to Melbourne


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