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NTUC Income gives away up to 30% discount off their travel insurance premium from 1 November to 15 December 2011.

We are hoping the promotional discounts given for year end promotion could be better.  For individual policies, the discount is capped at 10%.  See below for the exact discounts:

Group Size Discount (%)
3 pax 10
4 to 20 pax 15
21 to 50 pax 20
Above 50 pax 30

One benefit that we like is the inclusion of Automatic extension.
If you ever get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, NTUC Income’s Travel Insurance automatically extends coverage for up to 14 days, at no extra charge.

There are too many natural disasters happened in recent years, so insurance companies have come out with more exclusion clauses as follows.   The most recent and concerned event should be the flood situation in Bangkok now.  So for those who had earlier plans to visit Bangkok, good luck if you had your travel insurance bought before 11 October 2011.

  • If you are buying our travel insurance on and after 11 October 2011 00:00hr to travel to Thailand, you may wish to note that we do not cover for the flood in Bangkok and other affected areas in Thailand. For policies activated before 11 October 2011 00:00 hr, we will pay for claims* caused by the floods in Bangkok and affected areas in Thailand.

    * subject to policy terms and conditions

  • Please note that any claim(s) arising from any event(s) including riot, strike or civil commotion, health threatening situations, natural disasters that were publicised by the mass media or through travel advisory issued by any authorities will not be covered unless the travel insurance was applied prior to such date of publication or advisory.
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