Iceland, an unique self drive tour destination

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While researching for our next self drive destination, we chanced upon Iceland – the land of fire and ice.  It is a relatively untouched, unfamiliar, faraway, desolate land in North Europe.  However, we learned that it is one of the most popular adventure seeking destination by European’s backpackers.

To many of us, we will think that Iceland must be a freezing country. Come on, it must have been named “ICE… land” for some reason.  But, the truth is only about 10% of Iceland is covered by glaciers and it has a surprisingly mild climate.  Language is not a problem since English is widely written and spoken. For example, English is widely used together with Icelandic (Iceland official language) in restaurant menu, brochures for tourist and road signs along driveway.

Iceland is a beautiful mountainous island where ice and fire co-existed.  The year round non-melting glacier implies you can even do ice adventure during the Summer.  Active geothermal underground hotspots have also created abundant hot springs throughout the four seasons for you to enjoy.

The amount of daylight varies dramatically by season.  Summer is between June to August, the peak travel season.  Off-peak season is Winter from late September to April and it is the best time for viewing the northern lights.  For us, we like the flexibility to stay wherever we go and we would highly recommend to self drive during off-peak to stay out of the crowds.  However, do take note that weather in Iceland is ever changing, for example strong wind, sudden rain or snow is not uncommon.

Route 1 (also known as Ring Road) is the main road that circles around the island and covers most of the country, and thereby very suitable for tourist in covering around the country.

In summary, Iceland has magnificent sceneries like snow, glaciers, sunset, waterfalls, fjords, geysers, hot springs and spectacular northern lights that will  impress any visitor.  Beside that, you may have chance to view unique animals like the cute Puffin bird and take the unique breed Icelandic horse ride.

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