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Hi Travel Buddies,

Today we were invited to not one but two seminars.  The first one was a free seminar on HTC EVO 3D at Marina Mandarin where we got up close and personal with famous photographer Willy Foo, travel blogger Eunice Khong and another blogger cum marketer Alvin Lim who shared with us their travel experiences and beautiful photos from their recent Sydney Escapade Trip.

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Willy was very friendly and we got to experience first hand the touch and feel of his amazing 3D photos using his HTC EVO 3D Smartphone.  Comparing to the HTC Desire Smartphone that Kelvin is currently using, the new HTC EVO 3D is slightly bigger (4.96X2.56X0.47 inches) with a 4.3-inch 3D touch screen.  Running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC Sense, the phone is very light (170 grams with battery) and slim.

Why we said his photos are amazing is because you can really see 3D images popping up if you hold the phone close enough to your eyes and look straight at the photos.  This is the first time we get to experience looking at 3D photographs without having to wear any 3D glasses.  Really evolutionary for HTC to break through the boundaries of technology.

Just a little more sharing on the camera features of this 3D Android Smartphone.  You can either choose to capture 2D photos with up to 5 megapixel resolution or 3D photos with up to 2 megapixel resolution.  The images we saw are clearly more sharper than those we captured on HTC Desire.  In addition, you can record 2D/3D videos with up to 720p resolution.  So it will certainly be a handy gadget that allows you to capture more beautiful memories of your holidays!

The part that we enjoyed most was the great photography tips shared by Willy.  He gave us lots of useful camera tips in capturing different kind of shots like action, sunrise, sunset, twilight, food and even how to capture challenging moments on birds flipping its wings before they flew away.  We also learned that perseverance is a key to that perfect shot.  Even season photographer like Willy still went out to take as many as 200 shots sometimes just to get that perfect one shot.  For this, we have to salute to him. 😛

Lastly, the seminar ended with 2 lucky winners walked away with a HTC EVO 3D worth $895!  Well, let’s hope the lucky stars will be on our side the next time and better still, get a sponsored trip soon.  Haha 🙂

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