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How to plan a trip?


Hi Travel Buddies,

Have you started to make any travel plans for year end?  Planning can be easy if you do it step by step and start early.

  1. Decide where to go, when to go and how much you want to spend on your trip.  Please do not rush to book your trip if you have not answered the 3 most important questions.
  2. Never stop at one promotion, be sure to look out for airline promotions and make comparisons.
  3. Plan your travel connection wisely.  Choose a night flight if you have a choice.  Not only you save your daylight time, you can also save one night accommodation.  Check out the airport taxes too.
  4. Reserve your tickets first.  Do not make a haste decision to book a flight.  List out all the options gathered, note down all the flights availability on your desired travel dates.  Make the comparison at home at no pressure.
  5. Outline your itinerary
  6. Buy travel insurance
  7. Book accommodations and car rental

There are so many online booking websites and going through all of them can be a long and tiring process.   We like to use ZUJI because it is a one stop that allows us to compare rates easily.

Depending on where and when you are traveling, advance booking on accomodation and car rental can be optional when choices are abundant.  You will often find great bargains prices when you are traveling during low seasons.

Local car rental companies may offer better rates than international car rental companies in some countries.  Talk to the locals and they will tell you which are the reputable ones.

So it does pay to be a little more adventurous when traveling, by not knowing what you will be getting, the experience can be very fulfilling when you manage to steal a good deal 🙂

Most of us will agree that the most challenging part in planning a trip is to outline an itinerary to fit into a tight traveling period.  We understand that planning a trip can be a daunting task to most of us who have never done it before.

So in the next couple of posts, we will share with you how we draw up our itinerary for our next upcoming trip Hong Kong and Macau.  When are we going?  First 5 days of Lunar New Year in February next year! 🙂

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