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How much did we pay for our Alaska Cruise?


Hi Travel Buddies,

Are you curious to know how much did we pay for our Alaska Cruise?  We bet you are.  This is one of the FAQ that we received so far whenever we told someone that we went for a 7-day Alaska Cruise.

Many regard that Alaska is a remote, unspoilt and expensive destination beyond their reach.  Well, it may be in the past and if you do your planning and booking last minute.

So, this is how much we paid, US$820.81 per pax, all-tax and gratuities inclusive  or S$1058 if you apply today’s exchange rate (1 USD = SGD 1.289).  Many of our friends were surprised when we told them the costs.  Do you think is expensive to pay for less than US$120 a day to stay in luxurious cruise with all meals included?

Plan ahead and go at the right season is the key to secure a price that you can afford to your dream destination.  Want to know the 2011 Alaska Cruise Price List at different season of the year?  Stay tune.  😛

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