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Hot Travel Tips in NATAS


Hi Travel Buddies,

Have you geared up for the coming NATAS this weekend?

Hot Tip #1: Ask yourselves 3 questions

When to go?

We still have 3 Public Holidays this year and good news to all travel lovers out there!  Next year, 7 out of 11 falls on weekends and 3 falls on Tuesdays which means you only need to take one day leave on Mondays and you can enjoy 4-day long weekend holidays 🙂

Where to go?

Once decided on the dates, next is destination.  The highlights in coming NATAS will be on WINTER holidays.  So think of countries with beautiful winter seasons.  If you are not keen in WINTER holidays, can also consider SUMMER holidays in Australia or New Zealand.  Plenty of choice!

How much to spend?

Decide on a budget.  If you find a skiing holiday in Switzerland too expensive, can consider like Niseko in Hokkaido or Korea.

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