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Hong Kong 2011

CNY getaway to Hong Kong

Day 1: 3/2/11 (Thu) Depart from Singapore 0640hrs, Arrive at 1020hrs at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), Citygate Outlets, IFC, Causeway Bay, Times Square
Day 2: 4/2/11 (Fri) Ocean Park (Day), Fireworks Viewing (Night)
Day 3: 5/2/11 (Sat) Lantau Island – Po Lin Monastery & Giant Buddha, Wisdom Path, Ngong Ping Village, Citygate Outlets, Kowloon, Ladies’ Market, Avenue of Stars, Symphony of Lights
Day 4: 6/2/11 (Sun) Macau, Gongbei at Zhuhai
Day 5: 7/2/11 (Mon) HSBC Building, Lan Kwai Fong & Soho, City Plaza Shopping Centre
Flight cancelled on 7/2/11, Departed 0800 hrs at HKG on 8/2/11.

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