Honeymoon vs Honeystar Holidays

Hi Travel Buddies,

Today is our wedding anniversary.  Yes, we have been through 6 good years.  We would like to dedicate the post today to remember the happy moments that we have been through especially during our travel adventures to more than 10 countries over the past 6 years.

Sometime ago, there was an article in The Sunday Times about Honeymoon vs Honeystar.  When we read this article, it stroke a chord in our hearts because we were one of the couples that had a honeystar holiday instead of honeymoon right after our wedding.

Where did we go?  We flew to Bangkok the next day after our wedding via a budget airline.  Though it was a very short 3-day honeystar holiday, it was still a sweet and memorable holiday.  We stayed in a luxurious suite of a size as big as you can imagine.  We paid a price that was ridiculously low as it was during the soft launch period of a new 5-star hotel.  We had lots of fun as Bangkok is really a shopping and food paradise.

So our advice to couples who by any reasons cannot go to your dream honeymoon yet, do not feel despair.  There are still many budget destinations that you can enjoy as much as you would be in a honeymoon.  Some great destinations are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tioman, Krabi and many other Southeast Asia destinations to consider.  Do a search within our blog may give you more ideas 🙂

Happy Honeystar Holidays!

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