GoPro Hero Full HD video and still camera for travel

Hi Travel Buddies,

GoPro HERO is the perfect full HD video and still camera for travel. It is small, lightweight (only 167g including battery and housing), wearable on your body and most importantly, reasonable priced!  We bought the GoPro HD Hero (USD299.99- Motorsports Edition) for our Bali and snorkeling adventures in the Gili Islands, Lombok. This full HD quality video and 5 Megapixel still sport camera is great in circumstances when normal cameras cannot work.  It can shoot automatic photos at 2/5/10/30 and 60 second intervals. The waterproof housing can get it underwater up to 60m and protected from knocks thanks to its rugged removable housing. Parts and accessories are reasonable priced and easily available in Singapore or other countries, making repairs or refurbishing your HD HERO camera very convenient.  The battery can last for approximately 2.5 hour when fully charged.

Popular users include skydiving photographers, surfers, and cyclists.  We have even seen sportsman recording their training to improve their performance because it is so wearable.  Our friend who is currently owning one shared with us that it works wonder during his recent trip to Switzerland when there was a sudden change in the weather and started to snow heavily.  He was relieved because even his DSLR camera cannot function well then.

This sport camera is versatile to wear on your head, chest or wrist and mountable on bicycle, car, wakeboard, surf  (with the right mounting accessory, come with the package or sell separately).  With an affordable selection of waterproofing or non-waterproofing housing, you are spoilt for choices to record your trips during extreme conditions.  This gadget is perfect for adventurous seekers who prefer to travel light without having their hands occupied.


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