Free flights to Japan next year!

Hi Travel Buddies,

We are quite excited to hear that Japan is going to offer 10,000 free flights to foreigners to Japan next year!

Most of you are aware that the tourism business in Japan is badly hit ever since the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami happened on Mar 11.  So this aggressive move aims to revive the tourism industry.

Subject to government budget approval, The Japan Tourism Agency said the programme can start as early as April 2012.  They hope that the selected 10,000 sponsored travellers can share their positive experiences with the rest of the world and thus, bring in more tourists.

How to apply?

Travellers have to submit online applications, highlighting which areas in Japan they would like to visit.  The Japan Tourism Agency will select the winners and selected travellers are required to write a report about their trip and that will be published online.  However, travellers will still need to pay for their own travel costs like accomodation and meals.

Actually, our relatives just visited Tokyo last month and they enjoyed very much.  The only thing that they grumbled was the rising yen has made shopping in Japan more expensive.  We have been to Japan during summer in 2007 and we hope to be back in winter to try the ice breaking cruise in Hokkaido or spring to catch the beautiful cherry blossom one day.

Click here to read our past posts on cherry blossom and ice breaking cruise in Hokkaido.  Enjoy up to 50% discount if you book your Japan trip with Zuji now! 🙂

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