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Exploring Phillip Island


Hi Travel Buddies,

Phillip Island is most famous for a place to watch cute little penguins returning onshore very night.  Do you know that this beautiful island offers much more than that?

The Nobbies

The Nobbies

To start off the day, you can purchase a ‘3 Parks Pass’ to visit the Churchill Island Heritage Farm, Koala Conservation Centre and the Penguin Parade for one discount price which is $40.40 per adult currently. Otherwise, you can choose to do other activities – tour the Grand Prix Motor Racing Circuit, wineries, trout fishing, chocolate factory, catch the seal watching cruise at Cowes or have fun at the Amaze’ n Things suitable for adults and kids.

There is a whole lots of many other free stuff you can do on the island:

Cape Woolamai – a popular surfing spot which offers many scenic hiking trails.

Rhyll Inlet – discover the wetland through a boardwalk that leads to the middle of the inlet surrounded by tranquil mangroves and mudflats.

Swan Lake – freshwater lake located just before the Penguin Parade, you can see black swans and easy walk to two viewing hides for wetland birds. Perfect place for birds watching!

Pyramid Rock lookout – easy walk to the viewing platform that offers spectacular view of the coastal and the pyramid shaped rock island.

Nobbies Centre – a marine centre is the latest attraction located at the western tip of the island that must not be missed for sure. Stroll along the boardwalks to enjoy the breathtaking views over the Nobbies, a few large craggy offshore rocks, walking by the breeding colonies of the seabirds, little penguins and finally the amazing blowhole.  There are binoculars on the boardwalks for you to get a closer look at the Australian fur seals at the Seal Rocks.

The best way to end the day is of course to watch the Penguin Parade, just 5 minutes drive away from the Nobbies Centre.  It is a truly magical and unforgettable experience to watch groups of little penguins emerge from sea, waddle across Summerland beach and make their way to their sand dune burrows.

There are a number of options you can choose to view the little penguins, starting from general viewing at $23.80 per adult or you can upgrade to view an elevated viewing platform with a ranger. We chose the general viewing and felt that it was good enough as we got really good views of the penguins as they waddle back to their burrows at the boardwalk heading back to the visitor centre.

Tips for Penguins Parade:

Try to be early.  Arrive an hour before the sunset will be good so that you can grab a quick bite at the café in the visitor centre and secure a good seating. Choose a seat besides the edge of the stand, somewhere in the middle of the 2 viewing platforms and you can get a good chance to see the little penguins marching in from the beach.

Prepare warm clothing.  A thick jacket, gloves and some used magazines for you to sit on the viewing platform as it can get really cold at night. You may even want to bring along some hot drinks to make yourselves comfortable while waiting for the penguins to arrive.

Do not get disappointed if you cannot get the front seats because chances are there will be people leaving after the first few batches of little penguins arrive and you can move forward then.  We heard that the little penguins arrive in bigger groups later in the night and you can take a leisure walk back to the visitor centre while watching the penguins return to their burrows.

Download the latest Penguin Parade App at the visitor centre with the free WIFI.  You can learn more about the little penguins through navigation on the App.

You can explore so much on Phillip Island in just about 90 minutes drive from Melbourne. Make sure you plan well and have fun!




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