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en-route to Steavenson Falls


Hi Travel Buddies,

We planned an en-route to Steavenson Falls on the way back to Melbourne from Mt Buller last week.

This falls is simply spectacular and we highly recommended that you make a detour if you are visiting this area.

If you are driving from Melbourne, it is approximately 100 kilometres northeast and takes you about 1.75 hours.

Steavenson Falls

It is very easy to access to the viewing platform, about 350 metres away from the car park area. This track is suitable for persons with limited mobility and there will be floodlit at night, quite sure it will be very lovely at night as well.

You can take other longer walks, one steep track will lead you to a lookout at the top of the falls which will take about 40 minutes return.

Great place for family outing and you can plan it together with a visit to Lake Mountain, the closest alpine resort and snowfield.

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