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COMEX Show 2011 – Maybank Credit Card Promotion


Hi Travel Buddies,

Right after the NATAS Fair to be held this weekend, the next big event coming is the COMEX Show 2011 the following weekend.

We like to attend major IT events like COMEX Show whenever we  want to get a new camera, camcorder, netbook, memory storage devices, GPS and the latest product we are looking at now is probably a tablet, iPAD2 or something close to that.

One other reason why we like to make our purchases at IT or COMEX Show is the freebies and credit card promotions that tie up with these major events.

Let’s see what Maybank Credit Card Promotions have in store for you today.

Charge and redeem different gifts depending on the amounts spent.  There is also a Sure-Win Lucky Dip for every S$800 charged at COMEX Show 2011.

Visit  Maybank Booth 6138, Hall 601 at Suntec City Convention Centre, 1-4 September 2011 to redeem the gifts or participate the Sure-Win Lucky Dip.

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