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Colour Dynamics Workshop by Jill Lowe International


Hi Travel Buddies,

Remember we mentioned we attended two seminars yesterday?  The second one was not really related to travel but we thought we should write a simple post just to show our little appreciation to the organisers. 🙂

We won a pair of invitation from Perks@Mocca to attend the Colour Dynamics Workshop by Jill Lowe International yesterday evening.

Basically, the workshop is about discovering how colours can make an impact on our appearances and the colours we don will project the image we carry.  So it is important to find out how to make colours work for us.  We were very fortunate to have Jill, the founder of Jill Lowe International to conduct the workshop personally.  Interestingly, colours are divided into the four seasons of nature and each of us will look good in only one to two seasons of colours but not all colours.

Spring – Mr/Ms Attractive, Celebrity Example: Bill Clinton
Summer – Mr/Ms Pretty, Celebrity Example: Richard Gere
Autumn – Mr/Ms Sophisticated, Celebrity Example: Angelina Jolie
Winter – Mr/Ms Beautiful, Celebrity Example: Gong Li

Jill then handpicked a guy, who happened to be Kelvin 😛 and another lady to illustrate how different shades of colours will look differently on us.   Wearing the wrong colours may backfire our image we want to project because visual make 55% impact while vocal carries 38% weightage with only the remaining 7% goes to substance.

She ended the workshop by giving each of us personalised colour tips.  Now we know what colours we should wear not only to work but also when we travel so that we can look good in our travel photos and videos, haha!  We enjoyed the session and thanks Perks@Mocca and Jill Lowe for the wonderful opportunity! 🙂


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