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Cherry Blossom Viewing 2011


Hi Travel Buddies,

Every year, thousands of visitors will travel to Japan during the cherry blossom season.  Unfortunately, the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan has resulted many travellers to cancel their trips last minute.

Actually, there are many other places besides Japan where you can catch the full cherry blossoms.  Here is the list of other popular destinations where you can view the beautiful cherry blossoms:

* Taiwan – If you have missed cherry blossom season at Yangmingshan National Park, you can still visit Alishan Forest Recreation Area.  There are more than 19,000 cherry trees.  The Cherry Blossoms Festival has started from now till Apr 15.

* China – For the very first time, Shanghai is holding the inaugural Cherry Blossom Festival at Baoshangucun Park from 30 March to 20 April 2011.  Some 10,000 cherry trees were already in full bloom in recent days.

* Washington DCNational Cherry Blossom Festival, from 26 March to 10 April 2011, an annual 2-week event, will showcase 3,000 cherry trees, a gift from Japan in 1912.

* Korea – Jinhae, with about 220,000 cherry trees, the major cherry blossom district, will hold the annual cherry blossom festival and expected to see cherry blossom on March 30.

Below is the cherry blossom 2011 forecast from the Korea Meteorological Administration.

Region Date
Jeju’s Seogwipo 3. 24
Busan 3. 28
Yeosu 4. 2
Tongyeong 3. 29
Gwangju 4. 2
Jeonju 4.5
Daegu 3. 31
Pohang 3. 30
Daejeon 4. 4
Cheongju 4.7
Seoul 4. 9
Incheon 4.15
Gangneung 4. 8
Jinhae 3.30
Yunjung-ro in Seoul’s Yeoui-do 4.8
Chuncheon 4.13
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