Cherry Blossom Forecast

Hi Travel Buddies,

Spring is coming.  Spring time reminds us of  Cherry Blossom in Japan.  Do you know that when Cherry Blossom opens up, they will normally last for a week to 10 days only.  So be prepared to stay around the area for at least a week or two to catch the cherry blossom season.

The climate of the preceding months will affect when the cherry blossoms open.  As the winter this time seems more harsh than prior year, we forecast that the cherry blossom season may start a bit later than last year, what is your guess? 😛

While we do not have the crystal ball to predict, it is always good to look at what happened last year.

You will notice the timing of the cherry blossom season varies depending on the geographical location.  So if you cannot travel in April, you still have a good chance to view the cherry blossom in Hokkaido in May.  Check out our travel itineraries and photos from our Japan trip if you need more ideas.  Good luck! 🙂

In our upcoming post, we will share with you some of the popular places to view the Cherry Blossom.

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