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en-route to Steavenson Falls

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Hi Travel Buddies,

We planned an en-route to Steavenson Falls on the way back to Melbourne from Mt Buller last week.

This falls is simply spectacular and we highly recommended that you make a detour if you are visiting this area.

If you are driving from Melbourne, it is approximately 100 kilometres northeast and takes you about 1.75 hours.

Steavenson Falls

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Hi Travel Buddies,

Remember we mentioned we attended two seminars yesterday?  The second one was not really related to travel but we thought we should write a simple post just to show our little appreciation to the organisers. 🙂

We won a pair of invitation from Perks@Mocca to attend the Colour Dynamics Workshop by Jill Lowe International yesterday evening.

Basically, the workshop is about discovering how colours can make an impact on our appearances and the colours we don will project the image we carry.  So it is important to find out how to make colours work for us.  We were very fortunate to have Jill, the founder of Jill Lowe International to conduct the workshop personally.  Interestingly, colours are divided into the four seasons of nature and each of us will look good in only one to two seasons of colours but not all colours.

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Hi Travel Buddies,

Instead of going for a winter holiday, why not go for a summer break and discover Auckland this summer with Jetstar from S$1212!

Watch this video to find out what you can do in Auckland and extend your holiday to explore other parts of New Zealand. Read More→

Hi Travel Buddies,

Do not miss the Hong Kong’s Summer Sale if you are planning a shopping trip overseas.

Check out the following holiday packages:

* 3 days 2 nights Hong Kong Summer Spectacular from S$355
* 4 days 3 nights Hong KOng Disneyland Magic from S$485

Valid from 1 July 2011 to 15 September 2011.

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Hi Travel Buddies, 

Experience the magic of Hong Kong Disneyland with HSBC Credit Cards.  There is no better time then now to visit Hong Kong because of the favourable exchange rate, 1 SGD is 6.30 HKD approximately, 5% better off than the rate it was 3 months ago when we went during Chinese New Year. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel early bird special
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